About us

About Us

Housing discrimination goes unnoticed every day because the federal laws which protect our housing rights are not properly explained or shared with us by our government. There is also a shortage of fair housing advocates who truly understand the Fair Housing Act, and know how to expertly navigate the fair housing complaint process to achieve justice for a victim of housing discrimination.

To make matters worse, the legal community is mostly uneducated about the federal Fair Housing Act, or uncomfortable working within the federal administrative process designed by the US Department of HUD to protect everyone’s civil rights without cost to the consumer. The legal community, as equally as the housing providers themselves, are to blame for the rules, policies, and procedures which subject people to housing discrimination.

The federal Fair Housing Act provides any victim of housing discrimination a simple and fair process to defend their housing civil rights which can result in a settlement, without legal or filing costs to the consumer- the fair housing complaint process. Most victims, and even the attorneys who defend the discriminatory landlords, are often surprised to learn that a filed fair housing complaint is a federal weapon which cannot be defended against. Who would want to be charged with a violation of federal law by a US government agency? The penalties can be crippling.

The fair housing complaint is like a top-secret weapon hidden from the public just beckoning to be put in the hands of an effective operator for their protection.

We recognize that most victims are completely unaware of the Fair Housing Act and the complaint process: the top-secret weapon.

We also recognize that the legal community which successfully defends the discriminatory housing providers and landlords in the local court rooms, has no idea how to defend itself from this kind of secret weapon because the process is not familiar to them.

Inspired by the need to serve our community, and level the hitherto unfair battlefield, we assembled a team of fair housing experts who know exactly how to use this top-secret weapon to combat housing discrimination as it is brought to our attention. Our team of fair housing ‘operators’ knows exactly how to write, evidence, and file a fair housing complaint so that HUD can begin their federal investigation, and begin to apply pressure to the respondent property.

Our experts know HUD’s investigation process inside and out. We know what kind of evidence would be needed to prove a prima facie case, and know how HUD comes to those conclusions.

Most importantly, our cases are built from the beginning to yield a positive result and settlement for the harmed person, at no cost to them, regardless of their household income.

If you believe you have been subjected to housing discrimination on the basis of your Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Sex, Familial Status, or Disability, please be sure you reach us to learn if you qualify.