What we offer

Our menu of services is available to anyone, regardless of their household income, and available to any person or corporation involved in the housing process so that we can eradicate housing discrimination, and make fair housing a reality for everyone


Our fair housing team of experts provide no-cost advice to any qualified person who believes they have been subjected to housing discrimination on the basis of their Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Sex, Familial Status, or Disability. New candidates can reach our counselors to share their personal housing discrimination stories to receive advice about any next steps which would further their fair housing rights. Counseling provided could include: 1. Landlord Conflict Resolution: 2. Reasonable Accommodations Assistance: 3. Verification “ESA” Letter Review: New candidates are further screened to determine if their situation satisfies the prima facie elements of housing discrimination which would qualify them for our no-cost Advocacy services. Those who would benefit from filing a fair housing complaint would work with one of our experienced Advocates to gather the requisite information needed to effectively file a fair housing complaint to establish and protect their housing civil rights. Candidates who are not in position to file a fair housing complaint will be provided with customized advice intended to further their fair housing rights. Some candidates are referred to other professionals to assist them with their current fair housing needs if we cannot provide any beneficial assistance.

Referral Services

We provide connecting links between groups, agencies, individuals and private enterprises which are involved in fair housing that will enhance the delivery of fair housing services. We have a national network of mental health professionals, attorneys, lending and real estate professionals, veterans’ organizations, service animal trainers, and of course regional HUD and FHAP offices. There is never a cost to be referred to a relevant professional within our network.

Education and Outreach

We provide no cost education and training via real time online Webinars virtually anywhere in the United States. We can create and codevelop joint multi-media solutions to address the fair housing marketing needs of any benevolent organization: schools, veterans’ groups, disability organizations, religious organizations, women’s rights groups, service animal organizations, mental health counselors, and any community organization in need of fair housing education. We conduct outreach via flyers, online social media outlets, education webinars, mailers and other printed or electronically shared media to promote fair housing awareness. Geographic areas which, we believe, are particularly prone to housing discrimination are exposed to geotargeted online fair housing campaigns to raise awareness and inspire fair housing victims to come forward for assistance.

Advocacy: Fair Housing

This is our expertise. Our fair housing experts have national advocacy experience in all 10 regions of the US Department of HUD, and dozens of the Fair Housing Assistance Program [FHAP] agencies whose goal is to enforce HUD’s fair housing laws in their jurisdiction.  We have filed and negotiated hundreds of successful fair housing complaints across the Country to establish and protect the fair housing rights of our clients and their families. If we can sufficiently verify that the prima facie elements of housing discrimination exist for a candidate, we can assist, and even represent that person, in the filing of a fair housing complaint to a negotiated settlement to establish and protect that person’s fair housing rights.  Our Advocacy services can include:

  1. Fair Housing Complaint Services: We can evidence, write, and file a fair housing complaint for any qualified person harmed during the housing process- at no cost. How a complaint is written determines if HUD will accept the case, and can determine the direction of an investigation as well as the settlement agreement.
  2. Investigation Services: We will investigate the housing provider to uncover any supporting evidence/documentation which might corroborate the alleged discriminatory housing practice. Any evidence uncovered during the investigation can be used to support the client’s fair housing complaint.
  3. Testing Investigation: We can test the accused property to gather documentation, audio evidence, and other direct evidence to support the filing of a fair housing complaint, and investigate the validity of a discrimination complaint.  Testing can be critical to conclusively proving that housing discrimination has occurred, and critical to the success of a client’s fair housing complaint, especially when a harmed person lacks conclusive evidence.
  4. Mediation Services: We can represent the client during the HUD investigation process- this would include assistance during any investigative interviews and written correspondence.  A settlement resolution, known as a conciliation agreement, would be sought for each client and customized based on the harm they suffered.